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Handmade Thank You Card

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These handmade Thank You Cards come from Vientiane, Laos. They are beautiful and have accents that are sure to impress. Each one is unique and will not be the same as others.* Place an order for one now and get your handmade Thank You card.

*all cards are handmade and may differ from the one in the photo

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About the Card Project

By Noi Welch

My name is Noi. I am from Laos. God called me in 2008 to serve Him in the rural parts of Laos where the most isolated and unreached tribal groups live. Thirteen tribal girls from different tribes lived with until I had to leave the country in 2014.


When I was living among these precious women, every Friday night we would talk about life. One night I asked the, “What do you think about yourself?” They answered: I am stupid. I am dumb. I don’t see any value in me. I don’t even understand the questions. I don’t think I will make any difference in society. When I heard these, it grieved my soul. I didn’t blame them, because in their culture, women are nothing, they have no value. They don’t send them to school and they don’t treat them fairly. Particularly, tribal groups women are not even allowed to eat with their husbands, because they have to serve their husbands and eat later. Women are not allowed to talk publicly, they have no rights, and are often abused physically and sexually.


I started sharing with these young women the they are valued, loved, accepted, and significant because God created them in His own image. I told them that I would prove them wrong when they think that they are nothing and cannot do anything. God gave me an idea to do something with their hands. I asked my friend who loves to do crafts to teach them. She taught them how to cut paper and glue the pieces together. I told them to make cards freely, with any shapes, patters, and styles they want. In this way, the girls could express themselves without any limitations. For the first time in their lives, they were able to make things with their own imaginations, expressing their creativity.


When they saw their cards for the first time, they were so surprised and in awe that they could do something so valuable. That is how our card project got started.


We started the card project in 2012. It promotes tribal women to see their value as women’s and how God created them in His own image, to show them that they could make a difference in the world because they are in Christ. They are able to express their creativity, imagination, and their feelings. Empty pieces of paper become something meaningful, creative, and beautiful, and they amazing women’s who made them gain confidence because they now know they are designed by a loving Father!


If you would like to order cards, please purchase through our online store or email me! All of your purchases go 100% to support the girls needs: education, vocational training, and food.


When you buy a card, you are giving a new opportunity, hope, and life to each of the tribal girls in Laos.


I am very grateful to each of you!

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